Finding the right location for your family reunion is one of the most important and most difficult steps of planning the whole event. Ideally, you should select a place that no one has too much difficulty getting to, and that has experience handling family reunions. Fortunately, there are many great lodges set up for just this kind of event. I’ll give you five that are perfect for any family reunion.

The first is the Skytop Lodge in Pennsylvania. This lodge is up in the Poconos, so in addition to spectacular views and hiking opportunities, they also have skiing and mountain biking. One cool activity they have that most other lodges don’t is paintball, which is a perfect activity for a family reunion. They also have a photographer on staff at times, making it easy to get good photos of the event.

The second lodge is in Luray, Virginia, and is called the Lion and Crow Lodge. This lodge has a good number of cabins, and many outdoor activities including hiking and horseback riding. They also have a wide variety of water-based activities, including canoeing and kayaking, swimming, tubing, and fishing in the Shenandoah River. It’s a good choice for those looking for a good outdoors experience.

The Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, Virginia also offers many outdoor activities, but they balance them out with indoor activities like an arcade, a spa, and a craft center. They also have a waterpark. They have special event planners to handle family reunions, so even if you have a very large group, they should be able to take care of you.

Forge Lake Lodge in North Carolina is our fourth great location. It’s in the Blue Ridge Mountains next to Lake Nantahala. Being on a lake and near a river, they naturally have a great many exciting outdoor water activities, much like the Lion and Crow Lodge mentioned above. If you like white water rafting, you’ll love Forge Lake Lodge.

Our final great location for a family reunion is the Rocky Gap Lodge in Flintstone, Maryland. They’re notable for offering to accommodate events up to 1000 people, so no matter how big your family is, they should be able to hold your reunion with no problems. They have a variety of swimming options including indoor and outdoor pools, as well as an actual beach nearby. They also have a spa and tennis courts, among other activities.

Any of these locations would be ideal for a family reunion, so no matter which one you choose, you can be confident they’ll handle your reunion well.

Here are the websites of the lodges I mention in the article, in case you need them:

Skytop Lodge –
The Lion and Crow Lodge –
Great Wolf Lodge –
Forge Lake Lodge –
Rocky Gap Lodge –

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